Download: current version 0.1.13

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NEW: There is now a Getting Started guide for planets.
Warning: This is still a very early release, so there are undoubtedly various problems in the install process and/or directions, particularly for windows users. Please contact me if you have any difficulties.

Planets: An orbital simulator

Planets is a simple interactive program for playing with simulations of planetary systems, released under the GPL. It runs on Linux and Windows, and could doubtless be ported to your favorite flavor of Unix.

Planets was originally designed for kids, in particular, for my then 4-year old nephew who is fascinated by astronomy. The user interface is aimed at being simple enough that a fairly young kid can get some joy out of it. But the adults who have used it have found it to be pretty fun as well.

Exchange galaxies! Communicate with other planets users! Click here for a forum where you can leave notes and post galaxies for others to use and play with. The galaxies are stored in the "uni.*" files in your ".planets" directory. They're just simple text files you can cut and paste for the posts.

The code is not bug-free, and Planets is missing some significant features. But it's pretty stable and is a fun toy to play with. If you do download it, please drop me an email and tell me about your experience with it.

Read the Getting Started guide for planets to get a sense of how planets works.


Requirements (for compiling) Known limitations or bugs Features I'd like to see (I'm not saying I'll add them myself...)